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Ryan Ferguson: Now The Amateurs Have An Opinion

I came across these comments yesterday, and I just had to laugh:

Ron Rugen Opines On Ryan Ferguson

Now what is funny is that this “Private Investigator” is from Columbia, MO. He was here in Columbia, MO. when Kent Heitholt was murdered. He NEVER once gave an opinion on this murder until now, when it looks like Ryan Ferguson might be fairing better in the courts because the courts seem to be paying attention to the evidence (or in this case LACK OF EVIDENCE) in his case..

That’s a pretty safe stance, isn’t it? I mean, many others and myself have been giving our opinions on this case for years, we did not wait for our opinions to become popular. We put it right out there to the public and stood on and defended our view on this case

Read the comments, and read where this “Private Investigator” asks one of the readers if he knows the evidence…. This “Private Investigator” does not even know the evidence in this case. LMAO!

Now as far as I am concerned, I don’t believe that Ryan Ferguson or Chuck Erickson is guilty of this crime. Where I separate from some people, is that after a lot of analysis, and a little maturing; I have decided that I am not going to try to make a  then Prosecutor who is now a Judge look like he did anything malicious; I believe he did his job. I have had occasion to watch him as a Judge and I have to say, I do not think he is a malicious person, and I do think that he really observes and listens to a case and makes as fair and practical a ruling as possible. I am sorry if you disagree; but I am only reciting my personal experiences.

I am not going try to make a then Assistant Prosecutor who is now a Prosecutor look malicious, because I know he really isn’t. Our Prosecutor in Boone County is tough, hard working, brilliant about the law, and has a very low tolerance for crime or people that try to cover it up; but I don’t think he is malicious. I actually believe our current Prosecutor’s methods and his Assistant Prosecutor’s methods in court may very well have assisted in keeping crime rates as low as they are in Boone County; simply put everyone in Boone County knows that you don’t “play games” with the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office.

I am not going to try to make the original Judge on this case look like she was a part of some conspiracy, because I honestly believe she was simply doing her job as it is prescribed by law.

This is where I differ from some of the Ryan Ferguson Supporters. I don’t blame or harbor any ill will towards the Prosecution for Ryan Ferguson’s predicament, because I have come to understand that they have a job to do, and it has got to be a tough job to do from the standpoint of a human being, so I think they deserve a little respect.

I blame the original defense attorney that was hired to defend Ryan Ferguson for his conviction, who I believe was inept. I blame sloppy police work and laziness by the CPD for Ryan Ferguson’s conviction.

What happened in regards to Ryan Ferguson is a shame, but I think we need to assign that same to the correct people, and the original Prosecutor, Assistant Prosecutor, and Judge are not the right people to assign that shame to.

What is a bit irritating is to see some “Private Investigator” come here after all this time, like he knows something nobody else does when in reality he is just using this case like he does any other case he is incapable of working, as a promotion point.

If this guy tries to get you to hire him Bill, be careful. You don’t want to hire a “Private Investigator” that can’t even keep his naked pictures off of the Internet; a “Private Investigator” known as “The Penis That Embarrassed The Entire Private Investigation Profession”………..

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